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hat whether ◆some countries' grain export ban would strain China's grain supply. P◆an said China has unveiled a series of "unconventional measures" to s◆tabilize grain production, including setting region-specific grain pl◆antation targets, offering subsidies for farmers and raising minimum ◆prices for state procurement of rice, which secured a good start this◆ 3

year and would ensure stable grain production for the whole year. Th◆e country's grain reserves have run at a high level, with those of ri◆ce and wheat being sufficient to meet the country's consumer market d◆emand for one year, said Qin Yuyun, an official with the National Foo◆d and Strategic Reserves Administration. Qin said the administration ◆will continue efforts to ensure abundant supply and stable prices.March 2 marks this year's Lantern Festival according to the Chinese lunar f

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